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Don’t annoy the receptionist!

I don’t know if there’s something in the water, but lately we’ve been getting more prank callers or timer wasters calling up the reception line. And I really don’t get why people feel the need to do that. It’s as if they are trying to recreate the iconic Simpsons scenes with Bart pranking the bar look for ‘Seymour Butts’. But it’s not actually funny.

If you’re bored and want to entertain yourself, go and find something to binge watch on Netflix. Don’t send prank messages to our website, or call up asking stupid questions. Worse still, actually look at what service we are. The amount of calls we get asking for escorts is frankly worrying.

Our receptionists are all lovely and want to help find the right girl for your kinky needs. We don’t deserve to be pranked, or even shouted at by anyone.

Manners are free and will get you a much better service than if you act like a twat.

Scarlett xx

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