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Would you dare?

The best piggies are the the ones who are willing to prove their ownership!

How far would you be willing to go to prove your loyalty to Hot Spunky Talk and our amazing Goddesses?

Would you pay for them to go for coffee?

Or buy them some lovely lace knickers?

How about branding yourself as ours?

We can have temporary tattoos created for your prove how much you are devoted to us!

You'll received 3 tattoos packaged lovingly by one of our queens. Prices from £30.


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Mar 20, 2021

well i have been an ok piggy i hope, i asked to be ripped off so paid a 150% mark up on my first call which lasted 3 minutes, paid the same fee for the 2nd call and the receptionist said She was doing the callbacks today and she couldn't be bothered calling me back - thats what i asked for and thats what i got, thank You!

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