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All Tied Up

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Like many people over 25, during lock down I discovered TikTok. My FYP (For You Page for those who don’t know) started of with the generic TikTok dance crazes and cute cat videos, passed through ‘GayTok’ and a whole host of very attractive bi-women and lesbians and has now firmly landed in KinkTok.

It shouldn’t really have been that much of a surprise to me. This is literally my job! I’m the PA/Receptionist/Social Media manager to a professional domantrix. I spend my day dealing with a whole host of kinks and fetishes.

What did surprise me, was coming across something that made my pulse race and cheeks flush.

Shibari, or Kinbaku.

Obviously, I was aware of the practice but hadn’t really seen much of it. On TikTok there are some many Doms and subs using ropes, it’s made me look into the practice.

I have 10 meters of silk rope coming in the post.

This could get interesting.



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