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Guest Blog:Mistress Violet!

Hey guys, it's Violet here!

I thought I would write a little post so you can all get to know a bit more about me and how I ended up being a chat line dominatrix.

I have been working on phone chat lines since I was 19! After losing a job, and stumbling across a documentary about phone sex, I began working as a sex line operator.

I remember the nerves I had when first starting, scared was a total understatement, totally overthinking what to say. My first caller was lovely, once I relaxed into the call all went so well! Slowly everything became so natural and I loved every single minute of my calls and got totally hooked.

Years on from there I am still totally loving it and enjoy so many different things. I love hearing about what makes my callers tick and discussing it in detail. It is so hot knowing I'm fulfilling their fantasies and desires.

BDSM has always been my personal sexual preference. If I had the choice between a night at the pub or to attend a fetish club there really would be no thinking done there! Calls around fetish are always a win in my book. I do however love sensual calls where the fun is also mutual.

I get a massive buzz out of being dominant, having control is the ultimate power fix for me. Being worshipped and getting what I want is horny as hell! Some personal favourite fetishes of mine are sissification, humiliation, chastity, findom and mind control.

If you choose to serve me you will get the ultimate Domme with a sadistically creative streak! The question is are you brave enough to suffer to please me?

Naturally anything sex related I do also enjoy, who doesn't enjoy pleasure after all!? I have a huge sex toy collection that I'm always adding to. Some would possibly say I'm addicted to them. Any chance to have a good play with them I am not going to turn down for sure!

I can't wait to take more of your hot calls and look forward to talking to you all very soon.

Violet xx

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Oct 26, 2020

I'm glad I had a call last night Mistress Violet, my first call in a long time and I loved it


Sep 26, 2020

Is time I booked with Misstress Violet again today


Sep 16, 2020

Can I serve you please miss violet


Edward Blackshaw
Edward Blackshaw
Sep 16, 2020

Love to serve you Misstress Violet.

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