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How weird can it get?

How Weird Can It Get?

Is it strange to admit that I only got into the line of work because I was bored?

After working for years, I was now a stay at home parent. And bored! There is only so much day time TV anyone sane can take. Although I guess that doesn’t fully explain how I ended up here.

I had an in.

A sister, who had been a phone and web-cam domanatrix for a few years. She seemed to enjoy it and used to tell me stories about some of the requests she used to get. And in my vanilla naivety, I used to think ‘there’s no way it’s that weird?’.

I was wrong.

My official job role is receptionist. I answer the helpline number, process orders, post on social media etc. This means, I see everything!

Every request that comes through.

Every kink.

Every fetish.

Most are unsurprising;

‘I want a girl to moan loudly’

‘Tell me how big my cock is’

‘I fancy my sister in law’

I could go on. Use your imaginations.

But every now and then, something arrives in my inbox that makes me have to open up Urban Dictionary and find out WTF that means.

The example that always sticks in my mind was being informed by my sister, that we were playing ‘pee roulette’ with a guy.

Cue me going to Google to try to find out what the hell that was. Nothing! Urban Dictionary had let me down. Only option was to call my sister and find out what the heck was going on.

It turns out that this chap had paid for a serious of calls, to be spread out throughout the evening where we, as in my sister and I, had to decide whether this guy was allowed to pee or not. Now my sister and I usual video chat, I sat so still, trying to process this request, that she thought the call had dropped or crashed. In between her laughing at my very vanilla reaction, she decided I should be the one to finally allow this guy to relieve himself.

And that is how I ended up on a phone call as a grown man begged for my permission to piss himself, which he did as I was listening, and was then thanked by him and called ‘Mistress’ for the first time.

Scarlett xx

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Jan 06, 2021

I love reading this :) my mind gets me into lots of trouble and scare myself with my fantasies and I loved you controlling when and how I peed , thank you


Dec 02, 2020

I believe we may have some things in common

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