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Meet our Girls!

Ever wondered who was behind the phones? Let me introduce you to the wonderful women who make up the HST team!


The Queen Bee of HST. If you have been using for long enough, you know that Leila is the boss. Naturally Dominant, what she says goes. Try her patience, or refuse to submit fully, and you will pay. She can be cruel and she never guarantees that you have permission to come.


Violet is a 25 years old Mistress with a smooth as silk Southern accent. Very open minded and full of filthy fantasies, Mistress Violet will have you ‘coming’ back again and again. If you are a very naught boy who loves a smoking, spanking, humiliating Mistress, then look no further that Mistress V…

(Violet is available most evenings after 11pm. Call 0800 80 44 321 to connect.)


Our long legged Scandinavian beauty is Maja. A 33 year old talk, dark haired and curvy Swede who is naturally submissive, however is comfortable with switching for a naughty boy who needs punishing. Open to most scenes and is guaranteed to make you want more and more of her. Maja especially loves well hung alpha males who can give it to her hard. Available for phone and webcam


Say hello to our one and only little ebony hottie. Slim, 24 years old, VERY dominant and dirty, Anna knows how to turn the deviant to obedient. You can connect to Anna by calling 08008044321 and booking a call. Anna loves submissive males who want to worship her and submit to her. She is also partial to a big, hard Alpha cock… or two 😉

She’s waiting big boys…


Our horny housewife and marvellous MILF, Louisa is fully of hot & horny fantasies, guaranteed to make you shoot ropes of cum, time after time. Louise is 40 but sounds 25, and loves to ensure a happy ending every time. Come and enjoy her big busy tits and bouncy MILF arse! Find out more at


Relive your sexual awakening with our Jessica Rabbit! Sammy is a fiery beauty who is busty and confident and will have you creaming in your boxers! Sammy loves happy endings for her cam boys, and especially loves receiving cash tips for her hard work. Naturally dominant but she’s a comfortable switch too. Book her now for phone or webcam


Ruby is our very own Liverpudlian slut! She loves a nice big Alpha cock and loves to be make to suck big cock and be fucked hard. Are you that Alpha bad boy with a big dick that needs tending to? Show Ruby what you are all about! Find out more


Last, but by no means least, is Monique. Our horny Indian MILF is 55 years old and loves naughty horny boys. She speaks Punjabi, Hindu and Urdu. A comfortable switch but she loves a submissive male to worship her.

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Pocket pussy paul
Pocket pussy paul
18 févr. 2021

Holy fuck i need to book a call soon with Mistress Leila and Mistress violet omg my cock is bulging thinking about this fantasy mmmmmm yes please Mistresses xx

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