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My Favourite Fantasy

My Favourite Fantasy!

Working as a sex phone line operator is a really fun job for the right person. You have to be open minded and imaginative to do this job. You also have to be willing to explore aspects of human sexuality that aren’t normally allowed to be expressed.

Our customers have some unique and interesting kinks and fetishes. Sometimes they are shamed or scared about sharing their fantasies with anyone because they’ve been told it's wrong or dirty. I love that at Hot Spunky Talk, we have a space where there is no shame (unless you pay for it ).

My favourite fantasy/kink to play with is any time I’m able to equip myself with a strap on.

I am very comfortable in my own sexuality. I am bi-sexual and when I’m with another woman, I loved to be the one strapped! And when I’m with a submissive man, I love to peg that little sub!

There’s a unique power play that comes from a woman fucking a man with a strap on dildo that is bigger than his own dick. A man on his knees in front of a beautiful woman, who can control the whole scene. She gets to control how much pleasure (or pain) is felt.

It’s amazing and a lot of fun. The whole thing is even better when you add another woman and the sub worships her pussy with his face while he’s being fucked!

And thankfully, there’s a few of our phone sex and web cam guys who really love being pegged and controlled by a dominant woman!


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