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My first time...

My first experience as a phone operator!

No one can ever accuse me of every being lost for words. I’m definitely not the shy and retiring type. But my first experience of providing a phone service definitely gave me a good dose of stage fright.

It was a real baptism by fire. Straight in with no warm up act.

Training a sissy slut.

At this point, I was still having to Goggle phrases such as JOI or CEI. And CBT still mean Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to me. Who was I to pretend to be a fully fledged Mistress, supplier of sexual kinks, purveyor of perversions, distributor of domination…? You get the point.

I was just the receptionist. Answering phone calls, not doing the phone calls. But sometimes, needs must and in I went!

Luckily, the sissy knew exactly what she wanted. I was really only there to have someone to play off. And she came (no pun intended) back again, so I couldn’t have done too badly.

Scarlett x

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