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The Power Of Words - Guest Blog

Those who use phone sex regularly will tell you it's all about the ladies confidence, her experiences and how she draws on them to create you a fantasy that gives you the time of your life.

Am I right guys?

Some of our most popular ladies know how to create an image in your mind that's so vivid, when she is talking to you, it's like its really happening.

She's there with you, stroking your cock, pulling your hair, sitting on your face.

She uses her words, her power and her pull to build a horny safe place for your mind to go. Words are a powerful tool and yes in phone sex this is definitely the case.

With the right use of words and the confidence to wield that power you can dominate and humiliate a man into just about anything.

You name it, those men will do it, under the conditions have to be perfect and the power strong. Using only your words. ladies (phone actresses) have been known to receive cars, large sums of money, property, holidays, designer everything life changing opportunities, etc just from knowing how to yield their power for words.

Leila xx

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Jan 26, 2021

Wholeheartedly agree.

Ladies voices and words have a big effect on me .

I love ladies voices.

Swearing and laughing and bullying me verbally

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