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The Problem with TV Sex

Like a large swath of the female population (and a fair amount of the male one too), I have binge watched the Netflix series Bridgerton… Twice!

And I loved it.

I’m a sucker for a good romance story, especially with the added drama and beautiful costuming. It also helped that the Duke of Hastings (played by Regé-Jean Page) is the most beautiful specimen of manhood I have ever seen, and he could rail me all day in his library if that’s what His Grace desired. But the part of the show that has caused the most amount of titillation, is of course the frequent sex scenes! From the quick romp up a tree with the awkward groom holding the tree, the full-blown honeymoon fuckathon, the show didn’t shy away from showing a whole lot of everything. But the problem is time. Or to be more precise, the lack thereof. Now I’m not saying that we should expect a Lord of Rings (Directors edition) length sex session in our Netflix adaptations, but I would like at least the illusion that it’s taking more then 20 seconds to climax.

A sexy montage with appropriate moody music and interesting cinematography, the sun rising and falling through the stained-glass windows… Something to make it look like this God amongst men, can at least fuck for longer then it takes a pour a decent cup of tea. And also remember chaps, it’s doesn’t matter how strong your pull-out game is, use protection!

Scarlett xx

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